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Tradeshow Marketing

Trade shows are some of the best places to sell a product or service for a number of reasons. One of the most important reasons is that they have an interested target market, otherwise known as attendees, there to receive chachkis. Chachkis are promotional products such as tee shirts, bags, food items, ink pens or other great items.  They are also referred to as “incentives” or in layman’s terms something that motivates or encourages the recipient to do something. In this case, it would be to buy something, participate in a call to action campaign, sign-up to receive information or anything that would benefit the company’s marketing efforts. Historically companies would give out ink pens, mouse pads and candy tins but now companies use trade shows seemingly have unlimited budgets for what they can giveaway. Before you can give away any great promotional item, you must attract the target market to your location that can be an exhibit booth or other designated area where you set up. Below are samples of Trade show Advertising that include booths, banners, tablecloths and signage.   .

As you can see there are options. Additional options include website design, and other pre- Trade show marketing that let your market know you are there. Oftentimes companies advertise at entry points throughout the Trade show to capture new targets who may not be familiar with their products or services or they advertise to serve as a reminder to trade show attendees they are there .

Variables you should consider when planning your trade show marketing is the purpose, budget and the goals. With any marketing campaign such as trade show marketing each graphic should be designed with a specific goal in mind. You will need to decide what that goal is for  you and your company. In determining your campaign goals, you must also remember that trade show advertising is costly. With this understanding, you can decide what your return on investment will include.

Trade show marketing can be a hefty investment. Develop a plan to capture attendee information and get a return on your investment.

Hire professional designers that specialize in trade show booth design and marketing, advertising and online marketing. A good campaign includes a call to action campaign, a method to capture data, a great team on the ground, thoughtful promotional giveaways and a way to follow up with trade show attendees. You should also include a social media marketing campaign before, during and after the trade show.

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