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Marketing, Public Relations and Design Services

What we do

Promotional and Advertising Products

Delivering logo branded promos as giveaways, promotional gifts or marketing for tradeshows. We develop our promotional and advertising products in a collaborative of Integrated Marketing Communications experts, TCA provides a turnkey solution to promotional and advertising products in Washington DC and international partners in support of our parent company, TCA Global.

We offer printing services, graphic design, vectorization, brand design, and website development.

Providing support for events, conventions, tradeshows and annual meetings throughout the United States.


Digital Advertising and Marketing

As brand architects and public relations gurus, we especially love to see our vision commingled with that of our customers. Long term relationships has sustained the TCA brand for 19 years… and counting.


Social Media management, paid distribution, click advertising are a few ways we provide digital marketing. Our writing team:

  • Multi Channel Marketing
  • Interactive Media Room: Click here for a sample
  • Customer Relationship Marketing
  • Interactive Marketing Management
  • SEO Diagnostics Consulting
  • E-commerce: Click here for a sample
  • Digital Interactive – Press Kit: Click here to see a sample
  • Marketing Creative Development
  • Data & Web Traffic Analysis
  • Web Properties Marketing
  • Digital Media Buying


Social media posting service
The Entrepreneurs Club by TCA

What we’re best at – Public Relations

Building relationships with our customers.


  • Write optimized press releases: CLICK HERE FOR A SAMPLE
  • Write advertising copy and content
  • Report writing
  • Newsletter writing and distribution
  • Data & Web Traffic Analysis
  • Web Copy & Content Writing
  • Digital Press Kit: CLICK HERE FOR A SAMPLE


Public Relations is administered by TCA Global, click here for more information


Reputation Management – Website Design

  • Build Responsive, Attractive Websites
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media Management
  • Online Advertising
  • Call to Action Campaigns


Website Design SAMPLE

How we do it – Branded Promotional Products and Campaigns

  • Premiums, Welcome Amenities and Gifts
  • Advertising Merchandise
  • Marketing Materials Design : Brochures, Product Sheets, Incentives
  • Sampling Campaigns and Product Launches
  • Multi-Session Meeting Planning
  • Evaluate venue costs and specifications
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