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How to Build a Successful Website

Building websites that sell themselves

How to Build a Successful Website

If you measure your value in “cost” without any other consideration in brand building you are doomed for failure. With the advent of the “Do It Yourself” model, WordPress Open Source and other applications,,  and website builder tools offered by hosting companies, more and more small businesses and hobbyists are building their own websites. The problem is you are running the risk of producing a faulty product.

Compare your website to your competitor's. Make a decision to be 10x BETTER. Do not try to save money by building a faulty website
Below are a few content driven imperatives necessary for a successful website: 

  1. Determine the purpose of the website
  2. Research website design
  3. Create  a budget for the website production
  4. Compare your website to that of your competitors
  5. Plan an attractive and modern website
  6. Ensure your domain name is easy to remember
  7. Outline a plan to attract visitors to the website 
  8. Decide how  you would like to maintain the website
  9. Plan your marketing strategy
  10. Make sure your brand can be easily understood
  11. Create your social media content on your website


As mentioned in the TCA blog article “11 Ways to Increase Social Media Followers” we reference the importance of social media. Remember that social media should be used as a gateway to drive traffic to your website. So it is very important to have the same social media content on your website. Your website should be modern and clean with no broken links. GOOGLE despises broken links. Most websites can be easily maintained with DO-IT-YOURSELF open source applications (WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, etc).

Update your website content regularly. Invest in a website maintenance plan. The content should be outdated.

The number of followers you attract and maintain has value and builds clout. Whether you position yourself as a Expert, Hobbyist, Public Figure, Business, OR other, two things are clear; post great content and stay active. The amount of clout that you have builds credibility to your brand. In our article, “How to build a successful brand using social”, we speak to how clout on social media can increase sales.

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