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Art File Specifications

graphic design Sample Brochure for Special eventsArtwork Submission Requirements

These are the art file requirements for custom graphic design.

– artwork can be submitted via email to Please include your order number in the subject line of the email. For complete portfolio of products and services, visit TCA Global


Acceptable Digital Art: Adobe Illustrator (.AI or .PDF) files.

  1.  Encapsulated Files (i.e., .EPS) files need to be saved as “vector” or “editable.”
  2. Your Vector art containing fonts must be converted to curves or outlines.
  3. Hard copy of the art must accompany order, otherwise we can not be held responsible for translation of digital art.
  4. Objects of the same color in the file must be grouped and placed on the same layer.




Your orders are acknowledged and if applicable, please advise of any discrepancy upon receipt.


Order Changes:

Must be confirmed in writing. We will not accept responsibility for correctness of verbal orders.



5 lines of text or 75 characters free of charge, on orders over $200.00. Orders under $200, hourly art charge will apply @ $50 per hour, minimum charge of ½ hour. Digital proof required.


Art Charge:

The prices reflects, supplied camera ready art.  Graphic design is available @ $50 per hour, minimum charge of ½ hour and we will quote before any art is done. Written approval  and digital proof may be required.


Art Work Retrieval Fee:

To retrieve and forward a digital copy of artwork from current or past orders, there will be an artwork retrieval fee. We require your purchase order with factory’s order number to pull art from, and email address to forward digital art to. Fee is $30.



Your copy/art submitted by the customer will be accepted by TCA as being submitted in full compliance with all applicable laws regarding trademark, licensing, copyright, right of privacy, patent, or similar protection. We will be held harmless from all claims and cost arising from these issues.  The trademarked, licensed, and copyrighted logos contained in our portfolio are  for the illustration of printing capabilities only and do not represent endorsement from their respective owners. By placing an order, buyer understands that overruns may be used for digital or print media illustrating TCA’s printing capability.



Will result in billing for all work to that point. $20.00 minimum if order entered into system.
Note that due to the interaction of product and imprint colors, there will be a variation when imprinting on a product color other than white.




Shipping costs will be billed separately and depends on the quantity and to where the items are being shipped.  Prices vary for each product and quantity.


If you have questions, please Email Us

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